The Wiro Mahieu Low Motion Trio - 8 demo video’s “A Day Ago”.
Wiro Mahieu - double bass, Philipp Frenzel - piano, Yonga Sun - drums

1. A Day Ago - Wiro Mahieu
2. So Long Mr Haden - Wiro Mahieu
3. Falling Grace - Steve Swallow
4. Come Escape With Me - Amina Figarova
5. Beam Me Up Scotty - Wiro Mahieu
6. Picking Flowers Next Door - Jeroen Pek
7. Yaman Dues - Pieter Douma
8. Very Late - Wiro Mahieu

New video’s by The Wiro Mahieu Low Motion Trio.
DVD: ‘A DAY AGO’, published 5 oktober 2015.
All songs recorded september 1st at Amsterdam by Clous van Mechelen.
Produced by Wiro Mahieu.
All double bass arrangements by Wiro Mahieu.
Mixed by Wiro Mahieu and Clous van Mechelen.
Video editing by Clous van Mechelen.
Many thanks to Philipp, Yonga, Clous and the composers.
Wiro’s doublebass is under loving care of Jurgen Preyer:
Wiro recorded his bass by means of an DPA dot microphone in front of (the vieuwers) right f-hole. And a large diaphragm microphone (Telefunken, made in China) in front of the speaker of his ‘dusty’ 200MB 1989 Gallien and Kruger amp hidden away behind Yonga on the video’s. Wiro uses a Wilson pick-up.
These demo-video’s are ment to give an impression of our musical ambitions. We kept all tunes in a 4 to 5 minutes range. The Low Motion Trio will perform a full 2 sets performance. For bookings, lessons and masterclasses please contact Wiro Mahieu +31(0)622484430 or

Wiro Mahieu ‘Low Motion Trio’ (English)
The Wiro Mahieu ‘Low Motion Trio’ is a jazztrio by bassist and teacher Wiro Mahieu. The band performs jazz with a central role for the upright bass. It took the stage since 1997 both in the Netherlands and abroad, clubs and festivals, including a performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 1999. The band also made appearances in domestic and foreign jazz radio and television shows. In 2000 the trio toured together with the late and great alto saxophonist Charlie Mariano in a line up with Jeroen van Vliet and Pieter Bast. The new line up is with Philipp Frenzel - piano, Yonga Sun - drums en Wiro Mahieu - double bass. 8 new video’s online in oktober 2015.

Wiro Mahieu ‘Low Motion Trio’ (Nederlands)
Het “Low Motion Trio” is een jazztrio van bassist en docent Wiro Mahieu. Een groep waarin hij de contrabas centraal stelt. Het trio bestaat sinds 1997 en speelde op nationale en internationale jazz-podia en festivals waaronder het North Sea Jazz Festival in 1999. Verder gaf het trio optredens in Nederlandse en buitenlandse radio en televisieprogramma’s. Het trio tourde in 2000 samen met altsaxofonist Charlie Mariano in een bezetting met Jeroen van Vliet en Pieter Bast. De groep bestaat nu uit Philipp Frenzel - piano, Yonga Sun - drums en Wiro Mahieu - contrabas. Het trio brengt een geheel nieuw repertoire. Demo video’s, 8 stuks, per 05-10-2015 online.